Sell Like You've Never Sold Before with Enerflo

Close more deals on the one sales platform to rule them all. Onboard and train reps faster, increase efficiencies and reduce errors with Enerflo’s unified Sales Process.

Enerflo Sales Core is the most unified solar sales process in the industry.

Wherever your process fits within the sales journey, Enerflo has tools and integrations to streamline the process. You’ve never sold like this before.

Setters can qualify prospects door-to-door with their favorite canvassing apps that integrate with the Enerflo Solar Platform.
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Qualify prospects door-to-door with popular canvassing apps that integrate intelligently with Enerflo. Setters can instantly move customer details to Enerflo.

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Whatever your process -- 1-touch, 2-touch, 3-touch, more-touch -- our internal scheduling tools allow you to find availability across multiple reps and auto-assign your best closers in seconds. Sync to Google Calendar and Zoom for virtual appointments.

Enerflo’s internal scheduling tools sync with Google Calendar and Zoom to make appointment setting with solar customers quick and efficient.
Regardless of which Solar CRM is used, Enerflo Sales Pipeline clearly shows where each solar customer is in the sales process.
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Sales Pipeline

Clearly see where each customer is in the sales process, and easily pick up where you left off to move them forward. Enerflo gives you visibility into all your customer interactions and guides you through what to do within each stage.

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Design Tools

Maybe you prefer Solo, Sighten, SolarGraf or HelioScope… or maybe you have an internal design team… or maybe you outsource designs offshore… whatever it may be, Enerflo supports your process to ensure accuracy, quality and quick turnarounds.

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Enerflo integrates designs from the industry’s top solar design tools, internal designers and offshore teams to ensure accuracy, quality and quick turnarounds.
Impress solar customers with Optimus, our stunning, interactive solar proposal tool that’s setting a new industry standard.
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Engaging Proposals

Our sales proposal tool, Optimus, is quickly becoming the new industry standard with first-ever features and a stunning, interactive experience your customers will love. Unify your sales experience with a superior proposal tool, regardless of which design tool or installer(s) you use.

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Integrated Financing

With 90% of solar deals on Enerflo being financed, it needs to be seamless. Enerflo’s integration with the top 5 Solar Lenders enables quick approvals with NO portal logins and NO manual entry. We make applying, receiving approvals and doc signing a breeze. And, as lenders get more progressive with their integrations, Enerflo is at the forefront to ensure we’re utilizing all of their latest technology.

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Quickly and easily apply for solar financing and get approvals from the top 5 solar lenders with Enerflo financing.
Enerflo Docflo is our in-house docsiging solution that creates signing packets in seconds which include State-required docs for compliance, installer contracts and interconnection agreements.
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Solar Contracts

Get the right customer docs, every time. Enerflo’s proprietary Docflo engine was built specifically for the solar industry, putting it head and shoulders above other docsigning solutions. Close deals faster with signing packets built in 3 seconds, including interconnection agreements, rebate forms, HOA docs and more. Reduce mistakes and change orders.

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Installer Project Submission

After your customers sign, transfer their data automatically to the installer. With Enerflo’s integrations and customized configurations, project submission is seamlessly automated, regardless of the installer CRM or submission process. Enerflo intelligently alerts reps of any outstanding items to submit a clean deal and confirms when it’s been successfully submitted. No manual entry. No emails. No separate logins. Only automation. Geez... Enerflo thought of everything.

The Enerflo Project Submission feature eliminates incomplete deals from ever being submitted and when ready, seamlessly transfers all the required customer data to the installer.
Enerflo Digital Welcome Calls powered by CallPilot, a cloud-based enterprise level TPV application.
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Digital Welcome Calls

Until now, Welcome Calls required people power to call and collect necessary information from customers for residential solar projects, often resulting in long hold times, delays, as well as transcription or recording errors. Enerflo Digital Welcome Calls powered by CallPilot change all that with fully customizable cloud-based surveys, zero hold times and a 35% reduction in overall call times, saving solar installers money and resources, while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Project Management

Homegrown and purpose-built for solar, Enerflo Project Management enables smooth progression with important milestone updates, notifications, tasks and more. Customize reports on the data that’s important to you and discover where you may need to step in to help your customers along the way. Get all of the information you need in one place, without having to login to multiple installer CRMs or backend systems.

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Enerflo’s Solar Project Management software keeps everyone involved informed with important milestone updates, notifications, tasks and more.
The Enerflo Solar Customer Portal keeps customers informed from sales through installation and allows them to upload bills, documents, chat, see important updates and notes, submit referrals and more.
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Customer Portal

Enerflo’s Customer Portal makes it easy for you to keep your customers informed along the entire project journey, increasing your conversion and pull-through rates. Your customers can upload bills, reference documents, chat, contact their project managers, see important updates and notes, submit referrals and more.

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