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SunnyMac Solar Achieves Stellar Growth with Enerflo

By Enerflo Marketing | December 15, 2022

SunnyMac Solar Achieves Stellar Growth with Enerflo.

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The Challenge

The SunnyMac Solar Sales Team was juggling a lot of moving parts and without a platform to connect all the dots, they were unintentionally creating more backend work and inefficiencies.

This created a breakdown in communications between customers, the sales team, and their partners. The deal sold and the deal the customer wanted were different;  they needed a cohesive picture of the customer journey from sale to install and they wanted to make good on their promise to undersell and overdeliver.

Matt Mark - Director of Sales, SunnyMac

“Enerflo plays with a bunch of different people, whether it be sales teams, financiers, equipment, etc. I wasn't locked into one thing…it gave me that ability to flex as a business, but still have everything accessible.“

Matt Mark
- Director of Sales, SunnyMac

The Enerflo Solution

  • Enerflo Sales Core
  • Optimus Proposals
  • Docflo Signing Packets & Contracting
  • Lendlfo Integrated Financing

After investing several weeks researching multiple solutions, The SunnyMac Solar team chose Enerflo due to its ability to adapt with the ever-changing “solarcoaster” and act as that “middleman” to help SunnyMac gain more control over the sale process, including system design and contracting.

“We’ve seen 400-800% growth. It’s been kind of astounding.“ said Matt Mark, Director of Sales at SunnyMac. He continued, “We really took off and went from a company that our highest month previously was 50 sales gross to now we've been between 200 and 300 (deals per month), so it’s monumental growth.”

Where other platforms were tied to certain solutions, Enerflo put the choice back in the hands of SunnyMac Solar. The Enerflo team worked with SunnyMac Solar to solve inadequacies where needed, and support existing apps that worked, giving the SunnyMac team greater visibility and control over their processes.

The Results


Increase in Leads


Increase in Agreements


Increase in Sold Revenue

As a company, SunnyMac is always striving to “be better”. They accomplish this by always working on making their customers’ experience better, their sales team stronger, and their installation practices safer and more efficient. Partnering with Enerflo has helped them further achieve these goals.

In addition to having a complete picture from sale to install, the Sunny Mac management and sales teams enjoy complete visibility into all deals. With enerflo integrated as the “middleman,” SunnyMac Solar experienced a whopping 1,862% in sold revenue, year over year. SunnyMac Solar was able to close more deals with Enerflo and achieved an 8.5% increased closing rate.

"For me, you know, it's about speed and accuracy and if you can cut that down, then that's that's how everyone gets better.

Customers get their projects moving faster. Sales can get their documentation and approval done faster and at the end of the day, both the customer and sales team are happy.

And I love it for that, you know, because we're letting them operate to the best of their ability and not slowing down their process.”

Matt Mark - Director of Sales, SunnyMac

SunnyMac Solar Logo.

About SunnyMac Solar

With more than 130 employees throughout the U.S., SunnyMac Solar is a hybrid provider of solar solutions with extensive experience in all aspects of delivering solar for customers.

SunnyMac Solar is headquartered in Wilmington, DE, with additional offices in Bethlehem, PA & Dallas, TX. Their primary markets are Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

SunnyMac strives to create the highest standard in customer satisfaction, workplace safety and productivity, using their business model to inspire others to create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

Learn more about SunnyMac Solar at

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About Enerflo

Enerflo is YOUR Solar Platform. Purpose-built for Residential Solar Installers, EPCs and Sales Dealers, Enerflo helps these organizations deploy more solar and related services through sales and business process automation; ultimately lowering the cost of solar through platform efficiency. These businesses rely on multiple tools from lead to install; Enerflo connects them with native platform features into one, cohesive sales and install platform. Companies can reduce time to close, project duration and soft costs, while increasing pull-through and profitability. Enerflo is the backbone of some of the top solar providers, powering billions of dollars in sold revenue, and can be relied on to deliver one connected flow from lead to PTO.

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