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Enerflo Partners with Aerialytic for Instant AI Solar Designs, Enabling Lead to Proposal in 90 Seconds

By Rebecca Taylor | January 25, 2024

Enerflo Press Release.

Enerflo + Aerialytic: Lead to Proposal in 90 Seconds

Huntington Beach, CA - Enerflo, the only lead-to-PTO, open API solar platform, has partnered with Aerialytic, to offer an integrated AI enabled solar PV system design tool solution to sales dealers and installers at a fraction of the time and cost of other design tools.

Aerialytic’s instant AI solar designs are integrated with Enerflo’s Sales Core platform which supports the solar sales flow from lead qualification through signing a contract. With this integration, Enerflo users can generate new designs and interactive proposals for homeowners in just 90 seconds, significantly speeding up the sales process and reducing customer acquisition costs. All Enerflo partners are eligible to use the integration for an added low cost.

When requesting a new solar PV system design in Enerflo, high-res aerial imagery is pulled from NearMap. Then, Aerialytic’s proprietary technology reconstructs the roof and surrounding elements in 3D in order to calculate pitch, azimuth, roof heights, shading and setbacks, in order to create an interactive max panel layout. Reps can work in real time to finalize the layout in Enerflo, with the best-performing panels auto-selected. Once the layout is finalized, reps can instantly create a stunning, interactive proposal for homeowners. Additionally, all financing, adders (batteries, smart home, etc.), contracting, change orders and more can be done without leaving Enerflo, enabling a more streamlined sales process from lead through contract.

Enerflo and Aerialytic share a common vision of leveraging technology to expand rooftop solar across the U.S. and beyond. Together, their technology creates significant time and cost savings for solar businesses which often struggle with high customer acquisition and soft costs that cut into their profitability.

“We can’t wait to get this integration into the hands of our partners!” said Enerflo Co-Founder, Pat Bennett. He continued, “The integration with Aerialytic comes at the perfect time, as solar businesses across the country struggle to maintain profitability. Being able to go from Lead to Proposal on the Enerflo platform in just 90 seconds, while lowering the cost per design, will be a great option for many  installers and sales dealers.”

“Our vision has always been to make solar more accessible,” said CEO & Co-Founder of Aerialytic,  Bardia Andalib. He continued, “With Enerflo’s community of innovative and forward thinking solar installers and dealers, we’re thrilled to be working together to bring that vision to life by providing them with cheaper and faster solar designs.”

About Enerflo

Enerflo is the only Lead-to-PTO, open API Solar Platform: Cutting soft costs and project duration through tech consolidation, data centralization and process efficiencies. Purpose-built for Residential Solar Installers, EPCs and Sales Dealers, Enerflo helps these organizations deploy more solar and related services through sales and business process automation. Installers rely on multiple tools from lead to install; Enerflo connects them with native platform features into one, cohesive sales and install platform. Enerflo is the backbone of some of the top solar providers, powering billions of dollars in solar sales, and can be relied on to deliver one connected flow from lead to PTO. Learn more at

About Aerialytic

Aerialytic is pioneering a future where solar energy is universally accessible, driven by their groundbreaking AI technology. They are revolutionizing the industry by rapidly delivering cost-effective, instant AI solar designs that drastically cut acquisition costs. Aerialytic’s innovative AI solar design tool empowers partners ranging from solar installers to software companies and beyond, enhancing their profitability, streamlining sales, and bolstering solar adoption. By reducing the overall cost of solar solutions for homeowners, they are not just promoting solar energy; they’re making it a standard. Aerialytic’s mission is bold and definitive: to make solar energy a norm by ensuring every suitable rooftop worldwide harnesses solar power. In partnership with industry leaders, Aerialytic is setting the standard for accessible, affordable, and efficient solar energy. Learn about Aerialytic’s journey to reshape the solar landscape at

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