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Enerflo Announces Solar Proposal Tool Integration with Storz Power

By Rebecca Taylor | September 27, 2022

Sell new and innovative solar energy storage systems (batteries) with confidence through Enerflo.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Enerflo, a leading business automation software platform for the solar industry, is excited to announce a new integration with Storz Power, a leading manufacturer of energy storage systems in the solar industry. The new integration will enable solar sales reps to easily and accurately configure energy storage systems and sell Storz Power AI+ Storage Systems though Enerflo's native solar proposal tool, Optimus. This feature is available now to all Enerflo partners and users.

Storz Power is the first energy storage system manufacturer to integrate with Enerflo. With an easy-to-use interface and required certification training, sales reps will be able to customize the right appliance-based Storz Power AI+ battery package for their solar customers, add it to the solar system, and finance the total cost -- all from within Enerflo. This will increase the number of customized energy storage systems sold and reduce the customers' dependence on the grid. The integration will also increase customer satisfaction by combatting the ever-changing utility billing structures while providing an emergency backup solution they can monitor and control at their fingertips. Residential solar installers should contact Enerflo and Storz Power for more information.

About Storz Power

Storz Power provides safe, intelligent, powerful, environmentally-friendly, economical, and customizable solar energy storage systems (ess) that give homeowners greater access and control over their home's essential power. With Storz Power AI+ Technology, energy storage and performance is unsurpassed. Storz Power AI+ packages boast flexible home energy options that can power just essentials or the whole home, regardless of size, in the event of a power outage or emergency. Storz Power provides a truly customized system for every home. Certifications are required for Sales Reps and Installers to ensure the highest quality experience to the homeowner from the sale through installation. Learn more about Storz Power at

About Enerflo

Enerflo is the platform for the Solar Industry, purpose-built for Installers/EPCs and Sales Dealers to deploy more solar through sales and business automation; ultimately lowering the cost of solar through platform efficiency. Installers rely on multiple tools from lead to install; Enerflo connects them all together in one, cohesive sales and install platform. The Enerflo Platform has the most integrations of any solar platform, so installers and sales dealers can connect their favorite tools, refine their processes and provide a superior experience for solar buyers. Enerflo is the backbone of some of the top residential solar providers and can be relied on to deliver one connected flow, from lead to PTO. Learn more about Enerflo at

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