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Enerflo 2022 Year in Review

By Rebecca Taylor | December 23, 2022

Enerflo Digital Welcome Calls Powered by Callpilot.

Enerflo is getting pumped for 2023 -- and we hope you are too! With 2022 only recently behind us, let’s take a quick look back at everything we accomplished together this year -- as an industry, as a company and as partners.

The Solar Industry's Year in Review

The Solar Industry's 2022 Year in Review

The Solarcoaster is no joke and keeps us all on our toes. 2022 was no exception.



The Enerflo Platform's Year in Review

YOUR Solar Platform

The Enerflo Platform (#YourSolarPlatform) had an amazing year, thanks to our valued partners and team! Y’all crushed it!

Enerflo 2022 Stats

And to meet demand, Enerflo nearly tripled its workforce in 2022! The Enerflo team is dedicated to our Partners’ success in 2023 and beyond.

Featured Integrations

Featured Integrations

In case you missed it, two of Enerflo’s biggest integrations in 2022 brought even more options for increased pull-through and efficiency.

Give Your Customers the Gift of ZERO Hold Times with Digital Welcome Calls
Powered by Callpilot, Digital Welcome Calls are an industry first. Traditionally, Third Party Verification (TPV) is done by staff or call centers with long hold times that create friction in the sales process. Digital Welcome Calls eliminate the need for staff or call centers, with zero hold times. Plus, the customers’ information is gathered and stored digitally, increasing accuracy. It’s a win-win for installers, EPCs and sales teams.

Help Your Customers Fight Back Against Rising Energy Costs with Batteries
Enerflo is proud to offer Storz Power Energy Storage Systems through the Enerflo platform. With a quick and easy Storz Power certification process (30 - 60 mins only), sales reps can learn to sell batteries with confidence. Plus, it’s super easy to configure just the right energy storage system (batteries) based on each of your customers’ unique energy needs - all from within Optimus Proposals. As gas and electricity prices rise, solar energy storage is becoming even more appealing and necessary to reduce reliance on the grid.

Top Five Platform Updates

Top Five Platform Updates

Enerflo’s best-in-class development team worked (literally) around the clock in 2022 to develop new features and fixes to keep Enerflo humming along for our Partners that depend on it.

The Enerflo V2 Platform Was Born

As a tech company, Enerflo never stops innovating and improving the platform for our partners. Born in 2022, Enerflo’s V2 Platform offers new features and integrations -- including title checks, a new and improved UI (user interface) and more!

Improved Back-End Tech for Integrations, Error Handling, Reliability and More

Enerflo implemented changes that improve the reliability and functionality of integrations and error handling on the platform.

Countless Little Changes That Add Up to Big Improvements in Functionality

Too many updates to list or count, Enerflo's development team crushes it, day in and day out, releasing multiple updates each week to meet the demands of our partners, users and technology roadmap.

Orange Button Compliant Partnership with Blu Banyan SolarSuccess™

Our deep integration with Blu Banyan SolarSuccess is among the first to be Orange Button compliant. The Orange Button initiative is an effort to standardize information models and data elements for the solar+energy storage industry to simplify and minimize integration costs. Enerflo is proud to be on the forefront of Orange Button adoption with Blu Banyan!

Vivint Smart Home for Increased Pull-Through

Enerflo is always looking for new ways to help our partners increase pull-through and reduce churn. One of those ways is to include a Vivint Smart Home package with your solar deals. Vivint Smart Home can be installed in days (not weeks) and enables your customers to take control of their energy use before the install project is complete. You don’t have to be a Vivint partner to add their Smart Home package to your solar deal.

Enerflo's Featured Partners

Partner Success

Enerflo would be nothing without our kick-ass partners who grind to make the solar magic happen every day!

TriSMART Solar

TriSMART Solar achieved triple-digit year-over-year growth with Enerflo in 2022. When TriSMART came to Enerflo with a bottleneck in their proposal process that was preventing their reps from being able to execute new contracts consistently, Enerflo had just the right solution. Optimus Proposals saved the day with everything needed for the proposal process -- including integrated PV system design, financing and contracting -- as well as safeguards to ensure only clean deals get submitted.

SunnyMac Solar

SunnyMac Solar was struggling with too many disconnected tools and processes which were unintentionally creating more backend work and inefficiencies. Their goal was to gain more control over the sales process. Enerflo helped them do exactly that with a platform that connects all their dots, enabling cleaner deals, fewer change orders and increased efficiency on the back end. The results? Stellar year-over-year growth.

SunVena Solar

SunVena, ranked as #1 solar company in the U.S. on, wanted to take a closer look at their processes to optimize their operational efficiency. Using SunBase as their CRM, and starting from the ground up like so many other solar companies, SunVena started lean, but as they started to grow their business, the cracks in their process started to show. Enerflo provided them with the streamlined system they needed to scale -- one platform, with one login.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

You don't know what you don't know! And there's a LOT to know about Enerflo. Here are a few highlights.

Enerflo is NOT a PV System Design Tool

BUT we integrate with the best in the industry -- including EagleView (Coming in 2023!), Aurora, Solo, HelioScope and more.

Enerflo Customer Portals are Available to ALL Partners With Their Subscription

Enerflo Customer Portals provide a configurable, branded experience for your customers through the sales and install process that can help reduce churn by keeping your customers informed and engaged throughout their solar journey.

Enerflo Integrates With The Top Five Solar Lenders

Dividend, GoodLeap, Mosaic, Sunlight, Sunnova are integrated lenders -- plus PowerPay is coming in January 2023 -- giving our partners and their customers a variety of options when financing their systems. We even work with non-integrated lenders.

Coming Soon in 2023!

Coming Soon in 2023!

As they say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,” BUT we can barely contain our excitement for what’s to come in 2023. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

The EagleView Has Landed

We’re SUPER stoked to partner with EagleView, an incredible company that’s paving the way for aerial imagery, analytics and PV system design for solar. Our teams are working on the final stages of the EagleView integration, which will support EagleView TrueDesign™ for both pre (proposals) and post sales (plan sets). All Enerflo partners will be eligible to use this integration in 2023 on our V2 Platform!

Power Up Your Solar Financing with PowerPay

PowerPay is a new and innovative lender with low APRs and extended terms for solar systems, batteries/storage and roofing that provide low monthly payment options for your customers, putting their dreams within reach.

So much more!

As excited as we are, we don’t want to get too far out in front of our skis. To repeat what we said up top, Enerflo is PUMPED for 2023! One of our Company Tenets is “Build Audaciously” and Enerflo never stops working to make #YourSolarPlatform the best, most reliable and efficient platform for our partners. We listen, we learn, we improve. So keep makin’ noise! Your success is our success.

Our promises to you:

  • More High-Value Integrations
  • New, Improved Features
  • Increased Platform Reliability & Speed
  • Renewed Commitment to Our Partners’ Success
  • Improved, Accessible & Dedicated Support

Thank You & Best Wishes for an Amazing 2023!


If you made it this far, congratulations!

From ALL of us at Enerflo, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2023! Enerflo is so excited to be on this journey with you!

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