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Enerflo Product Announcements

By Rebecca Taylor | October 20, 2023

Enerflo Platform Updates Release May 2023.

It's hard to believe we're officially in Q4 of 2023! Days are getting shorter and colder and for the states that still participate in Daylight Savings, you'll be "falling back" at the start of November. From there, the holidays come in hot and life can get a little dizzying until the new year. On that note, a little planning can go a long way -- whether you're planning for the holidays, or for the new year. Before things get too crazy, take a moment to think about what you want for your solar business in 2024. Did anything go sideways for your business in 2023? And if so, how are you planning to avoid repeating some of the same mistakes in 2024?

Thank you for your partnership and business!

New Features & Updates at a Glance


Enerflo Sales Core

  • UPDATE: Deal Template Conditional UI Improvements
  • NEW: Fixed, Per-unit Pricing Option
  • UPDATE: Multiple Types of Batteries now Supported on a Design
  • UPDATES: More Updates to the Aurora Design integration
    - Aurora "Exit to CRM" button
    - Aurora User Validation
  • UPDATE: BrightOak rebrands to Lumifi
  • UPDATES: Across Finance Products


Legacy (V1) Platform

Enerflo has invested millions in the development of its V2 platform -- and there is finally some light at the end of this tunnel.

While there are no major updates to report in October, the team is laser focused on finalizing and prepping the V2 Platform for partner migration, so that V1 can be sunsetted.


For Sales Reps

  • NEW Sales Core Certification Training (V2) for Sales Reps

Get your Sales Reps Enerflo Certified!
Your teams needs to be using Enerflo correctly and consistently to get the most out of your investment. Login to to access the training.

Login to Enerflo to access the new Enerflo Sales Rep Certification Training.

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